I told my friend Pili who recently got divorced from her husband of 31 years (and ten years of dating prior to marriage), that Bronwyn did not allow me to sleep on her couch so I slept in my truck outside. I am staying now in Esther’s, Pili’s daughters room, and Esther is sleeping with her brother, Pili stays on the couch). First, she remarked that I was allowed to be with her during the day but not at night (I laughed because I guess that is when “sinning” happens), and then she said the only curse I’ve heard her say, “Me cago en la leche.” That means, “I shit in the milk.”She said that she didn’t care what her husband said that if her friend who happened to be a man came to visit her, he would stay in her house. After visiting Temple Square and Salt Lake City, Utah I came to the conclusion that, whether by biological accident or cultural custom (it really doesn’t matter), that women are the most oppressed group of people on the planet. Women are taught from a young age to be oppressed to serve men (mostly their husbands) and to feel oppressed. It is hard to accept any thing different. Most women find it difficult. And the rage they have towards their husbands comes out towards other people who will accept the punishment–this is the current condition in the heart and minds of most people in the USA. Their husbands work nine to fives, maybe, or go to war, and the women do too and they also do every thing else. (It isn’t just the USA.) This is all justified by the idea that “it could be worse,” but “it could also be better.” We worship this custom of marriage in our culture which is a by and large a very harmful condition. Nothing in life is certain, (certainly not taxes or governments or borders or war–it isn’t even certain that the human race will live to see tomorrow). If you cherish something so much that you keep it from every thing, what happens is that it withers away and dies, unless you give it just enough to keep alive…that is oppression. Domestication is as bad for animals as it is for people. Worse. And there is a pecking order in society and within families. There is a spiritual crisis in this country as well as an economic crisis. The rich are aware of what they are doing and they live completely and utterly empty lives. However, the system perpetuates fewer people with a greater share of the wealth and many more people with less, who are struggling to get by. This is wrong and anti-socialist, and anti-spiritual. I believe that we should to a greater extent suffer collectively, and that we don’t need so many rules to control our neighbors, because by and large people are just trying to get by, and most people don’t crave material wealth like all they need is money…rather it is the wealthy who are the most captivated by greed and the love they feel when they give away the money they have. Because they know that if they didn’t give away money, people may not pay attention to them or love them. They don’t believe that they are worthy of love.

Inspired by “Timbuktu” and “Dharma Bums.” Today is April 28, 2011.

Ben Fowler



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